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Sustainable Energy means many things. It is physically sustainable, that is, naturally replenished and therefore cannot be exhausted. It is environmentally sustainable, so does not degrade air, water, land, or ecosystems, impair public health, exacerbate global climate change, or pass off risks of today’s energy use to subsequent generations. It is economically sustainable, minimizing life cycle costs, contributing to a diverse and stable and affordable energy portfolio, and often keeping a greater share of energy dollars in local economies. It also can contribute to a more reliable energy supply, insulated from physical disruption (not overly dependent on the integrity of power plants, pipelines, boat or rail shipments, or electric transmission from afar), as well as from economic disruption (regional, national or global scarcity). And it is politically sustainable, not requiring military intervention to ensure supply. An increasing role for sustainable energy from wind, sun, wind, water, wave, biomass, or geothermal plays is an imperative part of a sustainable future.

Sustainable Energy Advantage, LLC focuses exclusively on surmounting the barriers and tapping the potential of clean, renewable energy sources. As a result, we can bring an unparalleled level of focus, knowledge, experience, expertise, insight and credibility to the challenges faced by our clientele.



Bob Grace
Managing Director & President

Kathryn Craddock
Director, Operations

Jason Gifford
Senior Director

John Keene
Senior Director

Jim Kennerly
Director, Policy Analytics Practice Lead

Mary McMahon
Principal Analyst

Tom Michelman
Senior Director, DER Practice Lead

Raghu Palavadi Naga

Erin Smith

Dan Wilson
Administrative Coordinator

ConsultingRenewable Energy Consulting
Stephan Wollenburg
Senior Consultant

Po-Yu Yuen
Senior Consultant, Market Analytics Manager

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