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Casella provides service to over 150,000 customers of all types. Through our core operations in six states (Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont and Pennsylvania) we provide a vast array of waste and recycling services to customers in over 40 states. Utilizing our asset base while partnering with our customers around Resource Solutions is the number one way we help to protect the environment, support our communities and serve our customers.



Abby Kristan
Community Engagement Manager

Dave Allen
General Manager

Russell Anderson
Manager of Landfill Compliance

Erin Banfield
Senior Business Manager

Wayne Boyd

Michael Burns
Construction Waste Consultant

Bob Cappadona
Vice President

David Carpenter
Associate General Counsel

Shannon Carroll
Project Manager

Elizabeth Casella
Director, Resource Solutions

John Casella
Chairman & CEO

Cheryl Coletti
Market Area Manager

Thomas Cue
Director of Landfill Development

Lindsay D'Anna
Division Manager

Paul Degnan
General Manager

Krysten Desmond
Resource Solutions

Ray Duerr
Director of Landfill Volume & Sales

Dan Emerson
Regional Vice President, Operations

Karen Flanders
VP Sustainability

Gerry Galena
General Manager

Eric Goetz
Construction Waste Specialist

Cheryl Greenwald
Environmental Sustainability Analyst

Brian Groshon
Assistant General Manager

Sarah Healey
Resource Solutions

Michael Hodge
VP Organics

Stephen Hosley
Southbridge Landfill - Operations Manager

Clark James
Director of Operations

Toni King
Region Engineer

Jeremy Labbe

Jerry Leone
Director, Sustainable Development

John Leslie

Paul Ligon
Sr. VP, Resource Solutions

Jack Manning
General Manager

Tracy Markham
Site Manager

Abby Marsh

Austin McKnight
Recycling Manager

Lisa McMenemy
Office Manager

James McPartlan

Rebecca Metcalf

Sam Nicolai
VP, Landfills

Marc Okrant
Vice President of Marketing

Cindy Pepin
Landfill Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Cameron Pike
Special Waste Manager

Ken Robbins
Director of Energy Production

Al Sabino
Vice President

Scott Sampson
Landfill Sales & Marketing Manager

Larry Shilling

Gary Simmons

Ashley Somers

Shahbaz Soofi
Environmental Sustainability Analyst

Greg Stachnyk
Special Waste

James Talvy
Project Manager

Jim Toher
Market Area Manager

Simon Tripp
Regional Controller

Mike Viani
Business Development

Mary Waring
Compliance Manager

Abbie Webb
Director of Sustainability

Jeff Weld
Director of Community Engagement

Shelby Wright

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