Environmental Partners, LLC


Construction / Demolition


Environmental Partners, LLC (EP) exists to support construction manager and contractor project goals.  EP recognizes that environmental support is an important aspect of scope, schedule, budget, and project quality to both builders and owners.  EP is a leader in the development and implementation of solutions to planned and unforeseen environmental conditions that affect construction projects. 

EP has substantial environmental construction support experience.  EP understands the importance of identifying and focusing on project goals, milestones, and deliverables during construction planning and implementation.

EP provides people and plans that reflect swift responsiveness, regulatory knowledge, practical implementation, cost-effectiveness, and innovation.  EP solutions incorporate construction and consulting knowledge and are up-to-date with current regulatory facts and field construction methods.  Our people have worked together for decades and are effective communicators with other team members, including customers, owners, planners, and builders.

EP prioritizes customer needs regarding schedule, budget, and quality.  EP routinely accommodates task work-arounds, implements alternate or flexible schedules, and addresses other perceived project obstructions.  



Paul Muniz

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