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Connecticut Coastal Construction Engineering Construction / Demolition


RACE brings an unparalleled combination of coastal, structural and geotechnical engineering experience with our singular focus on projects in the marine environment. The shoreline is a continually changing, dynamic environment shaped by wind, waves, and currents.  Coastal marine structures must provide protection against and resist forces related to typical and storm-related wind and wave actions. The RACE team has an in depth understanding of how each project will interact with the local coastal environment and how that environment will have an impact on the project. This understanding allows us to design solutions that are resilient and cost-effective while reducing environmental impacts and providing long-term performance.  

We believe what sets RACE apart from other waterfront consulting firms is our commitment to meeting our client's goals and our consistent performance in all project phases, from planning, through permitting, design, and construction with our dedicated, in-house staff.  RACE operates in a team environment and we consider the client part of that team. While no two projects are exactly the same, RACE draws upon our extensive resume of past experiences, more than 1,500 projects in the last 19 years, to heed lessons-learned and continually enhance our skills and capabilities in order to provide the most efficient, effective and innovative designs while meeting high standards of quality and care for our clients.



Devin Santa

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