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U.S./National Construction and Demolition Solid Waste Management Recycling Services Construction / Demolition Solid Waste Management / Hauling


ReSource Waste Services, New England’s largest processor of construction and demolition (C&D) material, operates an integrated network of strategically located facilities that process a wide variety of waste material and recover a high percentage of that material into high-quality end products for reuse. The company is committed to its mission to reduce the volume of waste that otherwise would be sent to landfills, improving the region’s environment and economy. Each ReSource facility has different operational specialties, allowing the business to operate optimally and compete effectively for a variety of materials and serve diverse end markets. The company operates a trucking and hauling division and the Roxbury location is LEED-certified.



Greg Leahey
President & Chief Operating Officer

Tom Beck
Principal/Executive Officer

Sarah Boggess
VP of External Affairs

Fred Bruneau
Environmental Compliance Manager

Michael Buckley
Regional Manager, Asset Management

David DeVito
Facility Manager

Jim Doyle
Safety Coordinator/Sales & Marketing

Mark Duff
Facility Manager

Jason Grant
Facility Manager

Stephen Hall
Director of Industry and Government Affairs

Jonathan Hixon
Head of Sales & Marketing

John Horgan
LL&S General Manager

Charles Nelson
Environmental Compliance Officer

Charlie Nelson

William Ralston
Principal/Executive Officer

John Reagan
Manager of Environmental Permitting and Compliance

Larry Richardson
Chief Executive Officer

Kathleen Schnitzer
Office Administrator

Marc Selman
Facility Manager

Diane Wagner

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