SouthCoast Wind Energy LLC


Massachusetts Climate Change and Adaptation Wind Power Service Energy


SouthCoast Wind is developing an offshore wind lease area off the coast of Massachusetts that will generate over 2,400 megawatts—enough to power over a million homes and businesses.

SouthCoast Wind will also improve the economic well-being and quality of life in many communities throughout Southern New England through its public investments, fostering a robust supply chain and creating thousands of well-paying jobs. But what is most unique and inspiring about the growing offshore wind industry is the commitment of SouthCoast Wind and other offshore wind developers to address environmental justice and create economic opportunities for diverse and underserved communities.

SouthCoast Wind 1 will deliver approximately 1,200 MW via an electric grid connection at Brayton Point/Somerset, Massachusetts in the late 2020s and will be among the largest contributors toward meeting the region’s net-zero emissions goal. Delivery of the next 1,200 MW for Falmouth will occur in a subsequent phase.

Backed by two global energy companies, Shell New Energies and Ocean Winds North America, both with deep experience in managing the complexities of offshore and onshore energy development projects and with proven US and international supply chains, SouthCoast Wind looks forward to a more just, sustainable and innovative energy future.



Kelsey Perry
Community Liaison Officer

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