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VHB’s 1,500 passionate professionals include engineers, scientists, planners, and designers who partner with public and private clients in the transportation, real estate, institutional, and energy industries, as well as federal, state, and local governments. Together, we work to improve mobility, enhance communities and economic vitality, and balance development and infrastructure needs with environmental stewardship



Anu Agrawal
Transportation Engineer

Kimberly Akerblom
Environmental Planner

Bill Anderson
Senior Project Manager

Courtney Apuzzo
Employment Specialist

Bill Arcieri
Senior Water Resources Scientist

Mark Arnoldy
TS, Air Quality & Noise Planner

Dale Arnt

Elisa Arriaga
Civil Site Specialist

Meredith Avery
Senior Environmental Scientist

Lauren Ballou
Environmental Planner

Anne Bastoni
Environmental Planner

Jillian Baumbach
Water Resources

Stefanie Beaver
Highway Engineer

Garrison Beck
Water Resources Specialist

Dan Belin
Energy Market Lead

Alan Belniak
Senior Project Manager

Fred Bevans
Environmnental Scientist

Matthew Bobkowski
Environmental Scientist

Luke Boucher
Project Manager

Robin Bousa
Managing Director, Bedford

Allary Braitsch
Environmental Scientist

Maria Briones
Water Resources Specialist

Teressa Bryant
Environmental Scientist

Genevieve Burke
Senior Project Engineer

Dan Cannata
Environmental Scientist

Kristin Caouette
Transportation Engineer

Joseph Cappellino
Senior Project Engineer

Lauren Caputo
Senior Project Manager

Lisa Chow
Senior Project Engineer

Alan Clapp

Paige Cornell
Environmental Scientist

Karen Crawford
Senior Project Engineer

Lisa Cummings
Director Environmental Sciences

Jessica Damicis
Water Resources Consultant

Lourenço Dantas
Senior Transportation Planner

Gordon Daring
Managing Director

Lauren DeVoe
Senior Env. Planner

Samantha Dolabany
Environmental Planner

Tom Donald
NE Bridge & Structures Service Leader

Ellen Donohoe
Project Manager

Matt Egge
Environmental Planner

Bethany Eisenberg
Director of Stormwater Services

Beth Eliason

Ethan Feinstein
Communications Specialist

Jonathan Feinstein
Senior Vice President

Jenny Fleming
Mid Atlantic Water Resources Director

Annique Fleurat
Water Resources Engineer

Sara Forbes
Marketing Manager

Sean Foster
Civil Engineer

Chelsea Glinka
Environmental Scientist

Jeff Goldberg
Manager of Engineering

Elizabeth Greaves
Environmental Scientist

Peter Grivers
Sr. Project Manager

Elizabeth Grob
Principal/Director of Urban Permitting Services

Vanessa Gulati
Project Administrator

Caroline Hampton
Environmental Department Manager

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Michael Hansen
Project Engineer

Andy Harris

Niki Hastings

Erin Heacock
Environmental Planner

Kari Hewitt
Director of Sustainability

J.D. Hines

Scott Hobson
Senior Ecologist

Emmanuelle Humblet
Project Manager / Sustainability Planner

Marianne Iarossi
Environmental Planner

Darhsan Jhaveri

Glen Johnson
Survey Manager

Mark Junghans

Michael Karasik

Kathleen Keen
Transportation Engineer

Dan Kelly
Environmental Scientist

Martin Kennedy

Matt Kennedy
Water Resources Service Leader

Kristin Kent
Senior Environmental Scientist

Vivian Kimball
Project Manager

Kim Kingston
Manager, Business Development

Jeff Klein
Director of Structural Engineering

Joshua Klement
Environmental Scientist

Kelan Koncewicz
Environmental Scientist

Stephanie Kruel
Senior Environmental Planner

Katherine Kudzma
Senior Environmental Analyst

Laura Laich

Karen Larkin
Director of Marketing

Seth Lattrell
Environmental Planner

Bethany Lefebvre
Environmental Scientist

Alison LeFlore

Catherine Lewis
Civil Designer

Richard Lewis
Director of Engineering

Ryan Lizewski
Water Resource Engineer

Craig Lizotte

Carissa Lord
Hazard Mitigation/Resiliency Planner

Leonard Lord

Tracy Lower

Rachel Luna

Carol Lurie
Regional Aviation Director

Don Maggioli
Director Oil and Hazardous Materials

Chi Man

Matt Mazzone

Kaleigh McAlaine

Mike McArdle

Kate McEneaney

Theresa McGovern
Water Resources Engineer

Paul McKinlay
Director, Remediation and Assessment

Mike McNeice

Julia Meier
Environmental Planner

Tayla Mello

Evan Miller
Landscape Architecture and Planning

Shelby Miller
Environmental Scientist

Susan Moberg

Todd Monson
Water resource Engineer

Justin Mosca

Dave Mulholland
Senior Vice President

Kurt Muller

Courtney Nardozza
Employment Specialist

Susan Nichols
Senior Env. Planner

Ryan Noyes
Design and Visualization Technology Specialist

Frank O'Callaghan
Exec Vice Pres

Jamie O'Connell

Timothy O'Connor

Jon Ordway
New England Regional Service Leader

Rebecca Owens
Sustainability Planner

Nate Pacheco
Water Resource specialist

bryan parmenter
Project Manager

Toni Pavao
Sr. Administrative Assistant

Jeffrey Peterson

Tyler Phillips

David Pickart
Project Manager

Jason Plourde
Transportation Systems Team Leader

Anne Podkaminer
Environmental Planner

Ryan Prime
Sustainability Service Leader

Curt Quitzau

Rucha Ragalwar
Environmental Designer

Neville Reynolds

Heidi Richards

Christopher Rife
Senior Project Manager

Samantha Roddy

Adam Rosenblatt
Project Manager

Jason Ross
Director of Noise and Vibration

Seth Rowell
Staff Engineer

Tim Rusteika
Civil Engineer

Nick Rutigliano

Phil Rydel
Senior Environmental Scientist

Samhita Saquib

Tony Sardilli
Senior Project/Technical Manager

Ryan Scott


Mike Seluga

Jeff Shamas

Rebecca Shedd

Peter Smiar
Director of Land Development

Jonathan Stabach
Project Manager

Kenneth Staffier

Eliza Story
Water Resources Engineer

William Taber
Senior Project Manager

Quan Tat
Project Engineer

Skip Thomas
Vice President

Kimberly Threlfall
Sr. Environmental Planner/Project Manager

Jake Tinus

Sarah Toole
Marketing Design Manager

Pat Tracy-Callahan

Sherrie Trefry
Director of Energy and Environmental Services

Kerry Tull

Linda Vanderveer
Environmental Scientist

Natasha Velickovic
Project Manager, Transit & Rail

John Vieira
Senior Project Manager

Christopher Wagner
Environmental Scientist

Peter Walker
Director, Environmental Services

Joseph Wanat
Managing Director

Richard Westcott

Ariana Wetzel
Water Resource Designer

Andrew White
Corporate Sustainability Director

Thomas Wholley
Director of Air Quality and Noise Services

Sarah Widing
Water Resources Engineer

Richard Widup

Kris Wilkes
Project Manager

Meghan Wrenn
Environmental Planner

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